Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dr George Speaks On Men's Health At Bunnings Warehouse Melbourne

Dr George Forgan-Smith Men's Health

Dr George Forgan-Smith AKA "The Healthy Bear" recently presented a talk on men's health at Melbourne's Bunnings Warehouse in Epping.

This was an initiative created between local health service Plenty Valley Community Health and Bunnings Warehouse Epping. It's simplicity is genius: meet men where they are at!

Topics covered men's health issues for different age groups and their importance as a man ages.

Suicide, depression, prostate health, erectile dysfunction, bowel cancer, skin cancer, substance abuse and many other topics are covered highlighting the complex and dedicated needs for men and their medical needs.

Full video  and trasscript can be reviewed here:
Dr George Forgan-Smith @ Bunnings Warehouse Men's Health Week 2016

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