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PrEP Announced in Australia: SBS News 
Media interview on my involvement with PrEP in Australia both as a doctor who prescribed the medication and an end user for HIV prevention.


Doctor Attacked In Melbourne CBD
This was an article covering an episode when I was attached while installing bollard art I had created to protest the Australian marriage equity plebiscite.

Opinion Piece On Marriage Equity Debate Within General Practice

Not Your Usual Week In The Office.
An article and audio interview sharing my first experience as medical leader with Camp Quality.

Quality Time
Dr George interviewed on his work and inspiration with Camp Quality.

Reworking Safe Hours
An interview I participated in on safe working hours and self care for junior doctors.

Medical Volunteers
An interview on the value of volunteer work as part of a busy medical life.

Are The Biggest Loser Contestants Being Set Up For Failure?
An article that shares my concern for unrealistic, unsustainable weight loss in an "entertainment" format.

The GP Who Works With Kids
An interview to help promote general practice as a lifestyle choice in medicine.

A New Clinic For The Boys
An article promoting the men's weight loss clinic I have created here in Melbourne.

All In A Weeks Work
An article I wrote after one of the hardest Camp Quality camps I have ever had to attend.

Forgan-Smith emphasised monkeypox was not a sexually transmitted disease. “It’s transmitted through skin to skin contact,” he said. “Sex is a brilliant way to have skin to skin contact … but [the virus can also be transmitted by] giving somebody a hug, or going to an event and rubbing against people.”

Use of video for informed consent: ASHM Conference 2018 

Dr George’s response to participation in World Pride 2023: