Sunday, March 26, 2017

 George Forgan-Smith is thrilled to announce his new appointment at Collins Street Medical Centre in Melbourne's CBD. 

Dr George wants to reassure his patients: 
"I'm thrilled to be able to continue my ongoing care and passion for gay men's health. 
My existing patients will continue to be seen at ERA Health however they will now have the convenient option of seeing me during my extended hours with my Thursdays and Friday's now available at Collins Street Medical.

Dr Forgan-Smith is happy to offer full and comprehensive sexual health medicine, gay men's health, HIV testing, HIV prevention, PrEP as well as HIV care.

George is also a strong mental health advocate, as well as offering full general practice services such as men's health, skin checks, skin cancer examinations, moles and skin cancer removal, travel medicine, vaccinations including travel vaccinations such as yellow fever certificates, workcover and other family medicine.

You can book to see Dr George At Collins Street Medical by phoning :
(03) 9654 6088
7/267 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC, 3000


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