Monday, May 4, 2020


Welcome to the resume of Dr George Forgan-Smith, a general practitioner based in Melbourne Australia.

My areas of interest include.
  • Men's Health
  • Sexual Health
  • HIV testing, HIV prevention as well as the care of those living with HIV.
  • Weight loss and well being
  • Mental Health
  • Non invasive cosmetic medicine
  • Education via the use of multimedia and Internet technology.
I was trained in medicine at the University of Queensland graduating in 2003.

Having completed my internship in Brisbane, I worked in acute psychiatry at The Prince Charles Hospital, Logan Hospital and Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

Given my keen interest in business and education I moved my focus towards general practice to allow for the flexibility to continue my interest in mental health and foster my growth in the area of education in particular via electronic media.

During my general practice training in Byron Bay I have enjoyed work both in face to face patient setting and as an educator for both patients and doctors in training.

When not working as a general practitioner I am a keen singer, volunteer for Camp Quality and creator of SEO optimized web properties.

Full details of my websites, education and references are available by clicking the links in the banner above.


Dr George Forgan-Smith

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